Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gallerie de blog

Oh come on, it could be fun! Get yer Microsoft Paints out and send me a self portrait of yer blogging self (innerminx at googlemail dot com). It only takes one minute - no cheating!
Here's Canterbury Soul - waving!

Verilion says: God what have you started Kate! I have to confess that I didn’t spend a minute on this. I cheated cheated cheated... HE HE. Good fun though.

Here is I.



Marie said...

I love the purple dress and boots!

Unknown said...

He he you might find a little something in your inbox!

Unknown said...

I think you might find a little something on me blog! Love it!!!

Unknown said...

Oh I recognise those lion slippers! He he!

Unknown said...

V. Tried to reply to yer email but it kept sending it back!

Unknown said...

Oh is that why I got it three times? It's a wee bit temperamental at the mo. I get them but it keeps telling people that I haven't and I can't seem to delete that other address! Ahh. Hey I'll stick your challenge up on my sidebar in a bit and try and get some others to join in.