Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Welshman returns

Skintwriter is back and making intolerable demands on us once again. He asks us to.....

"Use some poetry or creative prose to share something about what being a writer means to you, or if you don't label yourself a writer share something of what you think defines a writer."


This madness

Hot words
burn my head
drag me, screaming,
from the midnight bed
disrupt my days
destroy my nights
pen is missing
(always a dread)
to seal the words and
keep them still
locked in files
chained until
the moro -
new pots to be filled.

If you choose to bow to his unreasonable request, please link back here , and you had better go and tell him that you missed him!


concerned citizen said...

Hi! thanks for the comment.

I've lurked around your blog a couple of times, but have not left a comment as it seems so writerly, & I'm not.
But, it's interesting & I like it.

Unknown said...

Don't brand me 'writerly', Tarty. Look at some of me links -
a Novapulsian chicken,
an Irish earth mother,
a randy dog,
an aubergine,
a broke welshman
A shameful Shameless
a smart ass ape
not to mention that small philosopher that you are already acquainted with.
They may write, but they are all mad!

Marie said...

Good idea. I might have a go later.

Unknown said...

Er, Madam Minx, are you calling all our writerly credentials into question... Shame on you. And I am not so mad. Not so at all. Just a little bit...
By the way, I thought it was a prerequisite to be a bit mad or a lot mad to be a writer.
'Scuse me, I have to go and swat some words now, damned things keep buzzing around me like a plague of flies.

Anonymous said...

I am certainly interested - watch out for my authorial remarks!

Unknown said...

No, Madam Atyllah, there is no question, no question at all. Mad is good - have you met the dog? He writes, umm, haykus - very original.

Saaleha said...

Like the poem. Wonderfully evocative.
And even with a name like minx, you cannot hide the brain. Tsk, tsk, too bad :-)

concerned citizen said...

Mad? A couple of them sound indignant, maybe.

Which small philosopher is that? & small in what way?

Unknown said...

That would small in the size department, Tartykins.
Indignant? I hope so.

concerned citizen said...

Oh, I think I know who you are talking about. small, huh? let me write that down next to his name for future reference. He only has two stars anyway(so far). I keep track of these things. I'm very organized.