Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Helliferocious - and other similarly exciting words.

Call me a vulgarian, but when the weather is drawky there is nothing I like better than to sit down like a shumpgullion, with a muggety pie and a book of dildrums.*

What happened to all those lovely dildrums, those old interesting words that have long since passed from our mouths? Words that rolled off the tongue like 'conbobberation', 'clunch' and 'snoodle', sounding vaguely rude and adding a richness to our language.

Today's words are policed by political correctness and influenced by the technology that has taken over our lives.

I say bring back all those gorgeous, tongue lubricating words. We could hold a mafficky, dress like dollymops and indulge in cataglottism in celebration of long lost codswallop!

*The modern version

Call me a slut, but when the weather is shite there is nothing I like better than to sit down like a lazy-arsed so-and-so, with a bad-ass pie and a book of complete rubbish.


MH said...

Discombobulated = upset
Pogonometry = The art of growing a beard.

They're still in use. Writers just don't know how to use them because too many writers are awful writers and aren't, in fact, writers. Also Dan Brown.

S. Kearney said...

Here here, Minx. I do try to use all of these interesting words everyday to annoy those around mz!

The Moon Topples said...

I like your post. I disagree with Matthew, though. Knowing words and using them are two different things. Some of us might not use these words because they aren't the right ones for the character or the moment or the setting. I'm sure there are some who would shy away because they'd fear that the reader doesn't know.

And now, I'm off to perambulate.

Unknown said...

Don't listen to Matthew, he often puts his mouth where his spizzerinctum should be!

Don't you also love finding an interesting word and using it throughout the day. No? Maybe just me then.

Btw the way

Mafficky - a riotous celebration
Dollymop - tart
Cataglottism - lascivious kissing
Codswallop - Mr Codd and his illegal beer.
And 'spizzerinctum' is hard cash!

Unknown said...

Funny, we were just having a conversation about the old words in our writers group saying we must stage a comeback for them - and this after someone had said something about metagrobolizing...

Unknown said...

Interesting words Minx, they sound like what they are!

Saaleha said...

kinkajou, n. A furry, domesticated mammal with a prehensile tail.
formicate, v. To swarm like ants drumble, v. To move slowly, reluctantly and sluggishly
jargogle, v. To befuddle or mess up.
rigidulous, adj. Somewhat rigid; a little stiff.

That's my contribution. I can't say that i have used any, except perhaps alliaphage in a bit of writing.

Unknown said...

Thank you Saaleha - more for the larder.
Love 'jargogle ' - I have employed that one!

Roberta said...

Am I the only one that caught this? Look at the Bible Text. Does it actually say:
Thou Shalt Commit Adultry??

Unknown said...

Yep, well spotted, Roberta. Although thou shalt not get a prize!

Roberta said...

Well CRUD! I've been living my life on the straight and narrow and now I find out I'm misbehaving??

Oh the missed opportunities!