Friday, December 01, 2006

Our Great Leader

It has come to my attention that our great and revered leader has been hiding himself under a bushel! Not only has he bravely taken on leadership of the Blogosphere but has, amazingly, been part of our national heritage for many years.

Let us not forget the triumphs of King Pundygeorge V.
Or Pundoleon di Pundyparte, that small, French rascal, and his first taste as Emperor.

And of course, the abdication of Queen Pundy has paved the way for our glorious new empire right here in the Blogosphere. Who would have thought?

(I know - blown all me chances haven't I?)


pundy said...

okay, I give up - which one is me?

Anonymous said...

you made me laugh out loud, that's brilliant

Roberta said...

I had to look twice! Hillarious!

Unknown said...

Pund, are you sure you're from Tilbury? I can see a certain likeness to our own dear queenie don't you think?

Saaleha said...

Now you will definitely win. I'm sure Pundy has never seen himself or his ancestors looking so noble. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry yourseleves, us proles will bring along the shovels and clean up afterwards!