Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just damn rude if you ask me.

A fight in the Post Office during my lunch hour. So rude.

Don't they know that people are in a hurry between 12 and 1? It is bad enough on a normal day.
Usually a careful mental calculation of 'is it it pension day?' or 'last day to get your car tax this side of legal?' means that the queue will only be halfway around those stupid barriers that are designed to fool only the idiot. I can count. I know that there are twenty-three people in front of me and no amount of wiggly nylon is going to dupe me into thinking that I haven't got to wait for at least half my lunch hour.

Oh yes, the fight. It would have been even more dramatic if I wasn't trying to avoid the unpleasant odour that was emanating from the festering human in front of me. Suffice to say that the badly dyed blonde was having a go at the equally tastelessly coiffed brunette about a stolen boyfriend (he was probably better off without the pair of them). The spat peaked with a poorly aimed stiletto heel grazing a leg that should never really be seen in the light of day.

The staff were looking nervous. Not sure why, because they are holed up safely behind their bullet proof glass with a nice red panic button to keep them company. The people on the 'dangerous' side, had to make do with shuffling about on the spot or trying to breathe in some fresh air.
Anyway, the blonde limped off and the brunette sat in the photo booth, screamed into her mobile and I watched the clock. Twenty-six minutes of queuing, still six people to go, and it looked as if one of the staff was about to desert her post. I groaned.
No, no, I was saved. The woman who was next had forgotten her purse and the suit behind her had run out of time. I was next.
I presented my parcels.
"One airmail, States, and the other is inland, large letter rate please".
"Large letter?" he smirked "I will have to check...."
I raised an eyebrow and tapped a fingernail on the counter.
"Yes, yes, of course." he said "No problem."


Anonymous said...

I've been to that same post office I'm sure

Hope it's less busy there tomorrow for you ;)

Anonymous said...

You Brits are lucky. All the USPS gives us is the usual boring rate poster and pictures of the latest desperate crackheads. Is there a cover charge for the entertainment?

Unknown said...

No jta, tis all free. Very generous I'd say and couldn't think of anywhere that I would rather be of a lunch time. And we don't need pics of crackheads. The local residents are enough to put you off hard drugs for life.

And yes Skint, judging by your obvious sixth sense it looks like I will be making a return trip tomorrow. How many more?

Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

"Suffice to say that the badly dyed blonde was having a go at the equally tastelessly coiffed brunette about a stolen boyfriend (he was probably better off without the pair of them).

Your humour shadows even your annoyance, Minx.
In Gloucester Road, London, you may also have to contend (in addition to all this) with a wonderful Spanish cleaner who may choose to vacuum between your toes.

Anonymous said...

You mean you actually have chavs in Cornwall too?

Unknown said...

They get everywhere Sharon although I suspect that Cornwall has still not moved out of the eigties in some places. With the return of footless tights and the continuing popularity for white heels I think everyone around here will be feeling bang up to date!

Saaleha said...

see, it's those nails that you had done. Enough to scare any postal worker witless!

Marie said...

And I thought the Post Offices in London were bad!

Caroline said...

This could be a PO on the Wirral.
It was the smell of the 'festering human' that reminded me of my last trip there.
And it seemed to get worse during my half hour wait.
Less chat - more pension giving!!!!!!!!!!!

S. Kearney said...

I wont even begin to tell you about the post offices in France! Although, it has to be said that I am now lucky to have a nice one downstairs ... because I am a regular, and speak French with an accent, I am made very welcome. It's not like this at all French post offices mind.

Unknown said...

Is this a worldwide phenomenon then? Do you think that there is some sort of twat magnet above each and every postal establishment around the world? Are we caught in some hidden conspiracy to draw in the more unsavoury of our fellow humans and then keep us captive with them, or am I just being a tad paranoid?