Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"ysgrifennwr scynt" says his piece

Sam Hain
I've never noticed halloween before
well - not much
part of the gap until christmas
not long after the clocks go back
a dark time
usually cloudy
and the kids a bloody nuisance
on the doorstep
we used to give them sweets
but they looked at us funny -
so now they get coins
it's not too bad
just three quid a year -
these days
sometimes I stand out the back and stare at the moon
ysgrifennwr scynt blogs here


Kay Cooke said...

I do like this a lot

Unknown said...

Yeah I like it too. Right this is what I should be doing in my blocked from internet time. Writing poems and finishing the story for Skint's comp too.
Oh and working too(as this is where I am getting internet access)... whoops forgot about that one!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed you've left-justified John's poem, can you do tha to mine too please -

also I think I spelt my own name wrong - doh!

should be ysgrifennwr

Unknown said...

Serves you right for having a complicated name Mr Scynt!

All is justified, all is well....