Friday, October 20, 2006

A competition for Samhain

Entries below this post are...
John T Ahearn
Samhain sabbat, summers end, and the beginning of a new year. A magickal interval when the laws of time are suspended a while, and the veil to the otherworld is thin.
This is my interpretation, but what about All Hallows Eve and Halloween - what does it mean to you?
I invite entries of poems and flash fiction (no more than 150 words) to reach-
innerminx at googlemail dot com
- no later than 25th October 06
The prize is a freshly served copy of Coven of One!
So, be wild, be expressive, be magickal!

* * * * * *


S. Kearney said...

I will see if a spell can't be splashed on me, and come up with something. I've also just bought your book with Paypal ... complicated business that was. No pain no gain, I suppose. I hope it will be signed!

Anonymous said...

Can I do one?

and be ineligible for the prize seeing as I'm going to have a shedful (but not for long by the looks of it)

haven't written a poem for ages

Unknown said...

Of course it will be signed Shameless, for what it's worth. But no splashing of spells, so messy, just the poem will be fine!

And Skint, please do, you would be welcome, but I suggest that Mildred will not feel quite the same. Oh and, err, no cheating, only new and fresh please!

Marie said...

This is my favourite time of the year, and as I find it so inspiring, I'll try and come up with something over the next few days. Don't suppose I'd win, but it doesn't matter, I've already ordered a copy of your book!

Unknown said...

Fear not Marie, a special prize of deepest, darkest witchery will be awarded to those who have already crossed the paypal inner sanctum!!
If you wish, that is, otherwise you can flog the extra copy for an absolute fortune and go to Translyvania, or somesuch!

Anonymous said...

I only do new and fresh

Unknown said...

So you say!