Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's time to drag this one out!

Oh Fuck!
Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck
the door on the tumbler
has fucking stuck
the ironing is walking
out of the room
and the tv is spouting
doom and gloom
The hoover is broken
the carrots boiled dry
I could sit down
and have a cry, but
the plates are stacking
my back is snapping
too much, too many
and just no ending.
Are the uniforms dry?
I've burnt the pie
there's cobwebs on cobwebs
I cannot lie
fuck, fuck,fuckety fuck
this is my life and I'm fucking stuck
I love them all really
so excuse the 'fucks'
it's just a bad day
and I'm feeling fucked!

(better take one of these then!)


Anonymous said...

Just when I was feeling blue
With all this work still left to do
I stumble in to take a peek
and find this Gem.It made my week!

Crud. Husband's called
he's on his way
I really wish that I could stay
but what can I say?


Anonymous said...

I love it. :)

Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

And then after all this, Minx,
you became a bestselling author...
Believe and smile!


Anonymous said...

No dear, you don't want to Fuckitol - there's just too much 'ol. Instead dear, I suggest you go within and seek the root of your pain. Perhaps when the royalties start rolling in you could get yourself one of those nice little Japanese robots that does housework?
With love and light.

Marie said...

That's great. Sorry you had a bad day. Just think about your bestselling novel!

Sam said...

Thanks for the smile :-)

Maxine Clarke said...

I thought you were going to end the poem with a comment about blogger, which was eating comments with gusto last night -- lost a lot of my gems which of course I have now forgotten.

I assumed that's why you have been a bit quiet recently, Minx, but maybe it is indeed because you are busy on MistressWork business.

Debi said...

Hope I didn't contribute to the stress! The poem says it all for me too ...

Not long now ... she's coming ...

Unknown said...

How very appropriate :¬)
Thanks Minx!

Unknown said...

oh maaaaan--- i hear you minx.

Unknown said...

Must buy some of those pills. Love the way you can deal with a bad day with a sense of humour.

Unknown said...

Don't get mad get even, with a ranty poem!
Wrote another one today, the boss pissed me off!

Japanese robots Aggie? You jest. Gonna get me a fit slave with a minimal wardrobe and a penchant for dusting!