Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday, bloody Sunday

"I always love to begin a journey on Sundays, because I shall have the prayers of the church, to preserve all that travel by land, or by water" - J Swift.

Yes, well, not always the best day, especially when you are trying to get the smother-in-law off on her hols at the crack of dawn. Not only had she rung the house a million times to check we were on our way but when we got there she was no where in sight. This is typical behaviour of the S-I-L, but has no effect on the humour muscle when one has been partying all night.

"A Christian man, is a man who feels repentance on a Sunday for what he did on Saturday and what he is going to do on a Monday" - TR Ybarra.

Sorry, no repentance for any day of the week. Saturday night passed in haze of excess, and my only regret was not drinking enough water to stop the inevitable thick head. And, I'm certainly not going to repent of Mondays sins yet because I haven't even thought them up yet!

"The feeling of Sunday is the same everywhere, heavy, melancholy, standing still...." - Jean Rhys.

Oh I wish! I would have loved to have had a bit of heavy type melancholia today. Big Fecker was off to a festival in Truro and guess who had volunteered to take the band of hairy hormonals? Well, it wasn't the MD (Main Driver) because he suddenly had a very important football match to attend!
Once home from bus duty, there was a steady stream of well intentioned Sunday visitors. Two of whom required feeding because they failed to realise that I was not cooking for the masses, for once! I will also have to fix my 'reverse' doorbell tomorrow so that they can all find their way out again!

I like at least one day off from the madness that is my life. Today it was somewhere in the far distance, obliterated by family duties and things on the need-to-do-right-this-minute list. The only consolation being that the Smother-in-law will be away for at least three weeks - oh joy!

"When the great markets by the sea shut fast.
All that calm Sunday that goes on and on
When lovers find their peace at last
And earth is but a star, that once had shone" - JF Flecker

Maybe next Sunday then!


Anonymous said...

at least you got shot of the SIL for a bit, my Sundays are the always on the road to hell - loads of good intentions but then an inability to even think let alone do anything

Unknown said...

Getting a shot AT the Sil would be even better, especially with a fully loaded poison dart thrower.

I am now basking in the near perfection of her absence. This is only marred by the fact that she will return, no matter how much money I pay the tour company to quietly lose her somewhere along the Rhine!

We don't get along - does it show?

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