Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Writes

Is it write that I should have finger in every pie?
Is it write that I should explore every aspect of writing and not stick to one area?

Novels are my number one love, a world to escape to when the day is done, or when the dawn has not arrived. Lyrics and emails come a very close second.

Short stories hold my attention for a few months, diminishing into 'flash fictions' and odd mutterings that languish untitled on the computer.

I suppose poetry sits alongside lyrics. Words set to music mostly come easy, with a note or melody to ease the child into the world. Poetry can stay breached for months, years, the words caught in my head until they find a way to my fingers.

Blogging sits in the middle, a love/hate relationship - love doing it, hate being away from it!

Is this write, is this creative writing? Or am I just dabbling, skimming the surface. A mistress of everything and wife to none?

Questions, questions.

Don't feel obliged to comment as this is just a bloggy ramble and another excuse to add to my daily writes!


Anonymous said...

Wherever you start it's the start of something new and no one can anticipate where it might lead. But, best of all, the "new" is exciting.

Keep extending those tentacles, Minx. Every "reach" leads to something new; it just may not be what we thought it might be. And that increases the excitment!

Unknown said...

Hi nightowl,
something new starting right now!

Anonymous said...

You feel a need to express yourself in writing, you just want someone to appreciate your art - so you jump up and down trying to attract attention - when everyone ignores you, you try a different technique, then another, until, like a deluded twat, you just splurge it all out in confused rambles in the middle of the night . . . .

(bit of projection going on there I think . . )

seriously - you are a writer - you need to write - you write - who cares what sub-genre, branch, type of writing, label is put on it

people need to pin something down, pin it to a board and give it a name, put it in some sort of context - but you are beyond labels

"Write it, damn you, write it! What else are you good for?" - James Joyce

Unknown said...

"Writers, like teeth, are divided into incisors and grinders" - Walter Bagehot.

Which category are we Skint?

Marie said...

Just write, Minx! You have the gift and you clearly love expressing yourself so write whatever you want.

Like you, novels are my number one love (I just love creating other worlds to escape into) but I started out writing lyrics and poetry. I've written a few short stories but for some reason it's not really my thing.

Anonymous said...

Well minx - you are definitely an incisor :)

Maxine Clarke said...

Yes, and I think Marie is one of those fangy things -- the ones that aren't molars or incisors --- brain has gone to mush so better go to bed!