Monday, July 31, 2006

I bent to smell the roses

I bent to smell the roses
when innocence was mine
I bowed to see that vivid colour
that gladly took my eye

I bent to watch the dew climb
in my unremembered land
a time of salient beauty
that was light upon my hand

I did not see the greenfly
or the falling of the day
I did not see the dying
or the hue of life's decay

I bent close to watch the thorns emerge
on strong and vibrant stems
until they scratched my vision
and memory left again

Now I bend to smell the roses
and see what can be gained
but childhood lands are far away
they will not return again.


Anonymous said...

very shakespearean - nice rhythm - the last verse is a bit dodgy ;)

Unknown said...

Dug this one out of a dusty old file that I had forgotten about - so old and dodgy Skint!

And thank you Elaine, for the very imaginative email - yes the photo is me - aged two (I think)- loving those shoes!

Unknown said...
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Marie said...

Nice picture, poem and shoes! Dress isn't bad either. Very cute, Minx.