Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Good Spell

* * * * *
This post is imbued with the 'power of positive' thought.
When you read these words you will be inadvertently taking away a small portion of 'happy' and a tiny dose of ' pleasure and contentment'.

Overnight this post has been soaked in pure 'joy' with an added dash of 'grin' and a hint of 'quiet smile'.

This spell should last you over the weekend and see you through the week if you keep popping back and re-reading!!
Disclaimer: if you are determined to be miserable this weekend then the power of this spell will be of no use to you - stay in bed!

* * * * *


Sharon J said...

Thank you for that dose of happiness. I'm sure my weekend is gonna be wunderthall now.

Anyway, email. dioritt (@) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk. Gotta do it stupid like that cos I have more than enough spam already. I keep taking the penis enhancing pills but sod all's happened so far.

Debi said...

Minx - I read 'grin' as 'gin' ... can't imagine why ... Still, spell seems to work though, unlike the penis enhancement.
Shall we ask for our money back, Sharon? Looks like you might be thinking about that in your new pic.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the magic symbols in the first edition of this post? I thought they were part of the spell?

Unknown said...

Didn't quite get the igredients right Skint, but that's spellmaking for you!

Why are there penises all over my comments, I have a headache so pack it in!

Susan said...

I think they must be pink elephant penises, Minx.

I like the spell but judging by Skint's comment I think you're looking behind your back too much. I don't think the former problem originated with anyone who had the capacity to 'put two and two together'. Hug added to your spell!

Maxine Clarke said...

Blimey, one minute placentas the next penises. And such a highly cultured post, too. I am sorry that your commenters (I have to include myself I am ashamed to say) are lowering the tone of your blog, Oh Minxness.

Thanks very much for the spell, just what I needed. I wish I didn't have the "malignant sadness" as Lewis Wolpert termed it, and could have your enviable joie de vivre, Minx. thank you for your beautiful words.

Unknown said...

Thank you Maxine, just preparing everyone for the onslaught of 'depression' come Monday!!!

Unknown said...

And I'm shocked Susan, how do you know that elephants have pink penises - you're a mine of saucy information!!

Maxine Clarke said...

Susan, you are a veritable mine of info, you ought to go to that site Amy found where people share their expertise with the world!
I loved your Gollum comment on that other post of Minx's by the way. We got a lot of Gollum from Malcolm before the movie but I think the girls now prefer Andy Serkis -- and Malcolm His Dark Materials as easier on the throat!