Monday, June 12, 2006

Somewhere in the world there is a love story unfurling itself like the petals of an exquisite orchid.

Majnun and Laila

Laila's thoughts to shun such love
handed from the lap of God
that shook the very roots of life
to rent her soul, a wounding knife
of doubt

Majnun in tempest, fire lit
within a soul of restless torment
to serve poor Laila's vibrant need
a gift to another, another's gift
in vain

Majnun and Laila, lovers knot
tied by ink and the lies of others in
whose ignorance denial rots
the core of blessings not forgot
just mistaken but
troth was pledged upon these hearts
A charm let loose by nameless Gods
turns spirit free
to fly this earth without want or need
lest they deny the truth
and finality
of constant love

('Majnun and Laila' is a Persian story akin to Romeo and Juliet)


qaiz said...


I love it!!


Susan said...

That's a Gustav Klimt painting, isn't it? I understand that the embellishments have a 'rude' connotation. It's very pretty.

Unknown said...

Not that keen on Klimpt as a general rule but I adore this one and I feel that it suited the poem!
I've heard about the rude bits but I just love the way he is holding her!

phaedrus said...

wow, thank you minx, that is so special! those are some stunning words...and yes, i love the way he's holding her.

Unknown said...

You're welcome, both of you!

Unknown said...

I love the line about the 'wounding knife of doubt' can very much relate to that. Oh and I love Klimt, I love the colours and light in his pictures.

Marie said...


That's the story that inspired Eric Clapton to write 'Layla' for Pattie Boyd. I love that song!

Anonymous said...

beautiful. reminds me a bit of the love story of the persian poet omar khayyam and jahan...