Thursday, June 29, 2006

Musing myself

It was there all around me, a coast of front row seats. I sat poised, pen in hand.

In the gaps between the wrack, a shoal of mackeral swam as one. No waves today for the surf boys, just an elephant skin of isis blue. Clear enough to watch the fish swim, clear enough to watch a comerant dive below.
A fly smacked me in the head like a sudden windscreen, unexpected, for both of us. He came off worse, flying into the cuckoo spit that covers the gorse at this time of year. Beyond the gorse the burr of new heather mottles the cliffs all the way to the cheese shaped headland. The cows stop their cudding to gaze out to sea, as a ship passes on the horizon. It stays away, it knows this piratical coastline. The cows resume and the sea inches further in to take Gul Rock a temporary prisoner.
My eye travels the coastline for an hour, pen poised, ready.

No good, no good at all.
Today the muse was too big.


Susan said...

It's a lovely pastoral scene you've 'painted' there, Minx! I think you'll be able to use it later.

Anonymous said...

"A coast of front row seats" I love it.

and the muse provided this so it was good

there's an interesting article on Joel Biroco's site about not doing

Marie said...

Lovely scene description.

Unknown said...

Great link Skint. Don't hang around or you may be forced to endure a Minx 'kiss' again!!

Maxine Clarke said...

Blimey, I missed that one! Teach me to get burned out of my office and to go off to conferences and readings at libraries!

Maxine Clarke said...

Seen the kiss now, thanks. And very sweet it is too (it is on Skint Writer's comments, folks).