Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm a little teapot

Today disaster struck.
The spout of my favourite teapot dropped off.

Je suis desolee.

There I was minding my own business, waiting for the kettle to boil, when 'plop', there it was gone. Don't get me wrong, I have a hundred back-up teapots (well four actually) but my brown Windsor was my favourite. It is my 'morning' teapot that goes with my 'morning' cup.

Now what am I supposed to do?

'Little Brownie' was just big enough for the required two cups before starting the day. The antique GWR one is so stained that I can't bear the strong taste until 11am and the blue 'Mad Hatter' is for when a large brew is needed, usually when the Gin Co-operative come to call.
I am a modern woman, but teabags don't do the jobby, I need leaves, Assam leaves, from a pot and drunk from a china cup!

Tea, funny thing really, is it still an English thing or have we infected the world with our love of tannic acid.
Tea is a cure-all, the first-aid in an English home. We love a cuppa in the morning, a brew at eleven, we take tea in the afternoon and there can be no other possible accompaniment to fish and chips! Tea without a piece of dry cake or a 'dunked' biscuit would be unthinkable.

tea comes to the rescue when our partner has run off with the trollop down the road and we make tea when we have inadvertently killed the neighbour's guinea pig with rat poison.

So, if anyone has a little brown teapot, with a chip on the lid and a drippy spout, please let me know because I shall be dying of the thirst come the morning!!


Anonymous said...

Hey minx, I've found you a replacement teapot :)

Susan said...

Looks perfect, Minx!

Tea is very close to a magic elixir, isn't it? The pot was probably complaining about your late-night shenanigans. (Hope it was lovely!)

qaiz said...

awwww... No Tea time then tomorrow?

I shall search and search until a replacement has been found !!


Maxine Clarke said...

Skint, are you procrastinating again, by looking for the perfect teapot for Minx? ;-) Mind you, it is a pretty excellent one.

Minx, I am so with you on teapots! I am a bit of a joke about it I am sure, but my tea tipple is Darjeeling, made with leaves not teabags, so I have a teapot with one of those inserts so you can put the leaves in and the tea doesn't stew. The shennanigans trying to get replacements when they go "clogged up" is quite something. I take it with me whenever we go to stay anywhere, as I konw you can never get non-teabag tea, and often not Darjeeling tea, anywhere except home. I fully agree with you about all uses and occasions for tea.

I have a favourite teapot too which has recently acquired a crack so I will have to try to find another. I also had to get a larger variety as Cathy now joins me in the morning cup of tea, and "my" pot is not big enough for 3 cups.

The MP is a strong PG tips man so he has his own teapot for that. But he uses teabags for his afternoon cuppa.

Unknown said...

Where did you find that - it's perfick!! Do they do a matching athame?? Just resorted to a teabag - ugh!

Thank you Susan, the dawns were beautiful!
Now enough hubble bubble or the Witchfinder General will be on my case!!

Unknown said...

Maxine, we must have posted at the same time as you weren't there a moment ago, early for you??

Funy isn't it, coffee can go in anything but tea...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

mmm maxine - loose leaf darjeeling, I had a present of a tin of Hampstead Tea & Coffee Organic Darjeeling for Christmas - it's in Tesco; four or five quid for 125 grams - highly recommended!

Waterstone's in Swansea have a tea shop upstairs that serves all manner of loose teas in the the same sort of teapot you describe - very civilised

Nasty spam you've got up there minx . .

Debi said...

Oh no - I've even become a misfit in my new virtual family now!
Will you still love me if I say I don't drink tea at all except the herbal variety?
I do however drink black coffee so strong you could slice it with a knife and smear it on your teeth. At least that's what my dentist tells me it looks like I do ... I keep telling him it's not caffeine but nicotine ...
I've just done a post about Spam - how serendipitous/synchronous/elephantitis - or something ...

Anonymous said...

misfits can't be squashed into a box

Unknown said...

No they can't, but look at all the FREE things that they've managed to squeeze into the box up there. Did I win a prize or something?

And I don't drink tea all day Debi. I have a nico-coff to get me through the day and I like herbals/fruits(Whittards). I make a recovery Chai, and my own 'special brew' when I'm feeling down.
Now if you'd like to talk alcohol for a moment......

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam!!

qaiz said...

yep.. you do have some pretty cool links - Thanks !!! !:)


Unknown said...

told you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but once I saw the bit about the spout dropping off I just couldn't read the rest of that post. I was mourning far too deeply. I'll come back tomorrow to read the rest, IF I've got over the spout, that is.

Maxine Clarke said...

When I moved from blogger to typepad, I started getting spam postings immediately, before I'd even finished setting up the site! That's why I had to turn on that sobrietry test thingy (wobbly letters). Wish those spammer types would just go away. I get loads of it at work, I am told by IT that it is becauase I have an "old" email address, but Petrona had not even gone live before it all hit.
I often get spammy "trackbacks" too, to very old posts, I think these are just random computer generators, not people.
Also the famous "9 billion bloggers" you keep reading about are supposed to be at least half spam.