Friday, June 02, 2006

Gone out to play

It's 80 degrees in the back garden.....whoooooopeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Back when it's cooler!


Maxine Clarke said...

And I am sitting here with two cardis on!
The wind was fair whipping up Wimbledon platform tonight (where I have a predictable and thrilling wait between trains).
My computer is being very slow tonight so do you mind if I reply to your next post in this comment, which is to say Gmail is Ok at my end this evening (did not look at it until about 9 pm today though). Gmail is a bit unstable in my experience, especially in the afternoon after the US wakes up!

Glad you are enjoying a sunny half term anyway. Here the weekend is predicted to be nice so there is hope for me at the fag end of it (I've been at work for most of it)

Marie said...

I think I'd rather stay indoors and get on with some writing!

Unknown said...

Well can anyone predict the weather in Weymouth next week? What should I pack? And don't ask why I'm going.

Unknown said...

Crystal ball say 'changeable'.