Wednesday, June 28, 2006

And here are your best bits

Got bored today and wrote a 'play' using your best comments, not that there were many of them!!

Maxine - "I am biphasically confident"

Susan - "I'm Batman"

Skint - "Apparently I'm a nymph"

Pundy - " Oh dear Minx, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear"

Verilion - "I also quite enjoyed The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch"

Cheesm - "Made by people secretly yearning to have their heads pounded against a table until they are the consistency of Tesco's lean mince"

jta -"As to Pundy, maybe if you hadn't called him Liversausage"

Maxine - "Viggo definitely (including beard)

Pundy - "Please tell me you don't have a moustache"

jta - "MOM!!"

SharonJ - "D'ya think there's any money to be made from blogflogging?"

Shameless - "This soft one of my soft spots"

Pundy - "Oh dear, oh dear"

Cheesm - "I can run but I wouldn't want people to call me a runner"

Debi - "But you're an Amazonian warrior poet with a nice line in cups"

Lynne W Scanlon - "Sword raised, I say"

James Long - "Huzzah"

Marie - "Blogging is better than any writing course"

Lee - "Can I bill you for a keyboard?"

Pundy - "Oh dear Minx, oh dear"

Maxine - "He doesn't seem to realise that v*****'s rule and life is much easier for everyone when they realise that"

The Minx exits, stage right.
It was no wonder her blog had ended up like this!!


Anonymous said...

Good game, good game

Minx: Blah, blah, blah

Skint: this is not a hypothetical exercise

Susan: I feel guilty criticising

Susan: (cont'd) it just dawned on me

Susan: (cont'd) Skint writer is fab alright

Minx: Crystal ball say ‘yes’!

S. Kearney said...

did I really say that? it doesn't make sense! one too many wines probably!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! Perhaps we should write a play together Skint, look at all the material at our disposal!!!

And yes Shameless, you did say that, you did correct but it wasn't as good!!!

Maxine Clarke said...

Hmm, not so sure about the Susan part though. How about "0.45", Susan?

Susan said...

Well, it did seem to be more of a starring role for me, Maxine. Much better than the miserable part I got in Minx' vignette! Skint, you're still ab-fab! WONDERFUL piece you've written there! Minx, you need to flesh out your characters (i.e., me!) a little more.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea minx. This could be one of susan's memes, if everybody did one on their blogs - with the actors' names linked. I might participate in that one, cos it's creative writing like.

Yes minx, I did have an idea once about a sort of blog theatre, like street theatre only on blogs, you never know.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Minx.
That post made me laugh!

Unknown said...

And this is not happening already Skint?

CFR lovely to make you laugh again - appreciated your comments on 'Debi' the other day too!!

Anonymous said...

you sussed me ;)


Anonymous said...

What the hell did I mean by 'blogflogging'? [wanders off scratching head... could it be nits?]