Sunday, May 07, 2006

White chicken in a wheel barrow in the rain....for jta

I have a little white chicken
he's very thin and narrow
he likes to ride
at my side
in my one wheeled
red wheelbarrow

On sunny days the ride is fine
nothing could be better
but poor old chick
he's just a stick
if the rain comes down
it makes him sick and
we end up in the gutter!!

(yeah thanks for this one!!)


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, Minx. Very nice. I can't believe you just sat down and wrote all this verse, and so nicely! Don't even think you don't have the talent to do anything you want.

So what do you want?

Unknown said...

I want to be published so that I don't ever have to write any more POETRY!!!!

Unknown said...

William Carlos Williams eh? Well, if you'd said!!