Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well, this has never happened before.
There I was, happily swimming through the first 10,000 words of a new baby, minding my own business without a care in the world!! I knew where I was going, I knew where I'd come from. The plot was sorted, chapters briefly outlined, easy-peezy lemons squeezyed when....
There it was
Couldn't concentrate, couldn't follow plot, let alone next sentence. My characters were fading into non-existence and their world was crumbling before my very eyes.

I know that I've just missed out on a plum job (heard yesterday) and I know that Big fecker is about to start the big G's but it usually takes more than an earthquake of global proportions to put me off my stroke.

And what was it? Well, I'm still trying to get my head around it but it looks like a takeover bid by a foreign usurper!!

What was I to do? New, stronger characters were not only nibbling at my toes, but were taking great chunks of flesh in their bid for supremacy. I woke in the night with their names on my lips, their stories rolling out in front of me.

Weird, weirder than weird.

Do I ignore it?

Nah! Not likely, this could be the next best seller. (Hah!)

Surfs up!!


skint writer said...

Go with it girl . .

Unknown said...

Am now convinced that I am possessed raging demons and should maybe see a shrink. Know any?
No of course you don't Skinty, you British, we bite our lips and keep the upper one stiff.


Oh dear, to many gin slungs (hah did you see that 'gin slung' heh heh)
Never gonna get this comment posted cos I can't fucking read the word verification.

Unknown said...

Must remember not to leave comments on own blog when full of Juniper Juice!

Maxine Clarke said...

god, that word verification. And can you see all those little wheelchairs now? Help -- or----