Monday, May 08, 2006

Perfect......for women everywhere (because they don't want a name put here)

I wish that I were perfect
that my boobs stayed where they were
and didn't need an industrial bra
to stop them falling to the floor

I wish my legs were longer
were tanned and not so hairy
but giving up the waxing
would make them more than scary

I wish my stomach was flatter
and didn't behave like dough
spilling over my trousers
in an unattractive flow

I wish I had a bikini line
that didn't try to be
a part of something other
that started at my knee

I know that I'm not perfect
but at least I know I'm free
because the only thing I'm interested in
is the 'inside' perfect me


Anonymous said...

I am perfect!

It's ok... that's just me repeating my mantra of the week. I can't complain about hairy legs, though. The hairs don't grow on mine. Something to do with the crap circulation. Wish the same could be said of the armpits.

Maxine Clarke said...

But Minx, you have never met/seen me, how did you know?!>!

Unknown said...

Female intuition!!!