Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My nom to be exact.
I have been sailing around the lit blogs lately and it has come to my attention that an awful lot of writers, for one reason or another, are using an alias. The most prominent section are the Romancers who have romancy-like names to suit their romancy-like writing. Most of them end with a 'ham' interestingly. These names are tailored to suit the genre - you couldn't have a 'Lucy Haversham' writing crime capers when 'Dirk Blackwell' is much more in keeping!

My real name is fairly pleasant but is open to constant pispronounciation, even the daft trollop in the bank, who has known me for twenty years still gets it wrong!! It would be nice to have a name that people could get right the first time without having to point out that the missing letter is irrelevent and that the family has been calling themselves this since the fifteenth century!

So what would I call me? Fantasy writers range from the ordinary Anne McCaffrey to China Mieville to the Romany influenced Tanith Lee.
I even thought about changing sex.
Hmmm.......Thud Wrangler ( a name that came from a suggestion of choosing two things that are near to you.
Bart Thesaurus?
Garfield Knob?
Virginia Rizla?
Don't think so.

Other name suggestions have come in the form of choosing the name of your first pet and your mother-in-laws maiden name, sounded good until I put it together.

Please meet Fanny Plapp!!

Suggestions anyone?


Anonymous said...

Fanny Plapp is excellent, I'd buy a book by that author. If you don't use it, can I borrow it for my next book?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely go with Fanny Plapp! My dog/mother's maiden name would give me Prince King. Not quite right, is it? 'Specially not for a 'romancer'.

Anyway, how about Spliff Tumbler? Or Whiskey Dogend?

What's your genre, anyway? Should I already know the answer to this one?

Nooy said...

"Epi Logous" I know, really random..

Unknown said...

Whiskey Dogend? Reminds me of Snake Pliskin, that dreadful 'Escape from New York' film with Kurt Russell in it! But not sure what the term 'spliff' means - enlighten!!
I write what could be loosely termed Sci Fantasy - no goblins, definitely no goblins!

And Nooy - Epi Logous - the more random the better, but I would probably change this to - Epil Ogous.

Maxine Clarke said...

Clancy Little? (Cat, mother in law's maiden name). Sounds more like a private eye than a roman au clef (what does that mean, sounds good, but I haven't a clue?).

I think a book by the (mysterious) Inner Minx would sell pretty well.

Unknown said...

Ah cat names is it? Over the years we have had...
2.Bilbo Bagpuss
3.Mary-Mary(was unfortunately a boy!)
4.Fanny Craddock
6.Owen Airing Cupboard(current mog, black as night and lazy as a lazy thing)

Roman au clef? You said it, find out!!