Monday, May 08, 2006

I can't do poetry.....for SharonJ

Fear and dread
Inside my head
As I am led
To poetry

Now it's near
The constant fear
Far from clear
This poetry

Hope my soul
can fill my bowl
It is my goal
This poetry

The seeds I sow
Learn and grow
To make me know
My poetry


Anonymous said...

I can't make thing rhyme
And then make sense
But if they cost a dime
I might buy a fence

So you see, indeed it rhymed
But the sense was lost
And thus, I pined.

But I thank you
For your time
I won't stay too blue
Just give me that dime

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know it was a load of bow-locks but at least I tried.

I would've done it when I popped in earlier only Blogger broke.

Unknown said...

Blogger is always bloody broked!

Unknown said...

And your poem is awful...try harder next time!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! I tried. I really did! It's the best poem I've ever written. The only poem I've ever written.

Now I'm going to sulk.

Unknown said...

Oh God, it didn't keep you up all night did it?

Anonymous said...

I may have.

Unknown said...

Now I have guilt!