Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring has sprung

It's official.....spring is here.

So, once again it is time to:
  • wake up
  • write poems about daffodils
  • clean the house
  • let the cat out
  • put up the blackout curtains
  • walk about a bit
  • take a book outside
  • start a new something or other

Haven't quite decided on the last one yet as I have spent the winter like some sort of maddened squirrel, storing my nuts all over the place. Post-it notes are lined up across the wall like some sort of gay snail trail, full of ideas, plots, characters so I know that there is something lurking beneath the surface just waiting for me to have a moment of inspiration.

The Muse has been toying with my affections over the last few months, waking me in the middle of the night with the hint of an idea when she knows that I have left pen equipment downstairs. Too tired to struggle out of the nest, where the MD holds me in a winter grip, I have tried in vain to hold onto these ideas until daylight, but to no avail. Even with the strongest, brightest mental images these inspirements melt away and leave me with only the vague idea that I ever woke up.

She does it during the day as well when she knows full well that I cannot, unlike many of you lucky, lucky writerish people, get to my pooter. I have got over this by scibbling, teenage style, on the back of my hand. This caught me out the other day when I attended an important meeting with a poem dripping down my arm.




But now, spring is here, I'm on holiday for two weeks, the Muse is free and that old map of Cornwall looks more than interesting..........


Maxine Clarke said...

Hello Minx
Sorry this comment is not that relevant to this posting (love the springs!) but just wanted to say I have popped over to see your lovely blog. It is so creative and interesting --- have added it to my bloglines reader. Thanks so much for linking to Petrona, I am really touched.
I hope your writing continues to flourish, I do so much admire you for actually "WRITING" (unlike me who has spent far too long on this earth mainly just thinking about it) --- well done.

Now -- blackout curtains??? I used them when my babies were small to stop them waking up at 4 am in the spring/summer. But have not done so for years. Maybe it gets light earlier in Cornwall than London. My sister used to live in Forres, and visiting her in June (with v young children) when it never got dark at all was definitely not conducive to a few hours sleep!

Unknown said...

Seems to me Maxine that 'writing' is exactly what you are doing every day, don't put yourself down.
And as for blackout curtains, they're for me, not the children. Not a morning person you see!!