Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Oh the joy, oh the pleasure... to sit one's bottom down once again in familiar, territory!
I would like to say that I didn't write a word whilst I was on my hols. I would like to say that no writing implement crossed the holiday threshold and that all writerly things were off the holiday menu. I would like to say all these things but I would be lying through my addicted teeth!
I managed to sneak in a couple of small scribbling books and jammed a few extra pens in amongst the toothbrushes, but nothing techie you understand, that would be taking it too far. Not that the MD has any objection, he knows his rights and could divorce me under the little known clause of 'unreasonable writing' should he so wish.
I managed a couple of days just lounging around but I had a headache (from lack of use) and the fingers were starting to get restless and demand more alcohol to keep the shakes at bay.
I skulked off on my own and let rip with three poems and the start of a short story - which now having looked at it in the cold light of home, is complete drivel.
BUT, but, but, but.... there is something there, something nagging at the back of my fingers. 'Capricorn Wind' is in the waiting room, 'The Geishan Kumiai' is loitering at an agents and Oh my God....here comes 'The Diva Jaspari'. Heavenly heaven things, it just dropped out of the big blue yonder when I was thinking about having yet another Gin.
Glory be, here I go again and there will be no more holidays until at least October!


Maxine Clarke said...

Welcome back!
I missed you!
Can't get onto Petrona at the moment owing to "technical hitches" (aka BT Broadband) but am looking forward to posting again when it is fixed.
I did not get as far as Cornwall this time, but I'm tempted!!
(Incidentally, bit of a killer getting back on Monday night and being faced with both of them back to school on Tuesday am; work as well.)

Unknown said...

That's early, guess you must have broken up before we did - I'm not back until next week so have got extra time to work off the chocolate that I stole! Look forward to bantering when your Broad Bean gets fixed!