Thursday, April 13, 2006

Head on the block

When I first started this blog I was more sure of the reasons why I wasn't doing it then why exactly I was. Does this make sense? No, let me explain.
As I have said previously I spent a lot of time as a blogeur, popping in and out of other lives and seeing how it all worked. I was too scared and too unsure of my writing to put it up for public consumption. I waited a long time until I finally realised that if I wanted to remain in this rapidly developing electronic human race then there was really no other choice.

I had a problem. I was incredibly sniffy about those who used this platform to write to the world but then backed off rapidly when they said that they didn't think anyone would read their stuff. Oh please!

Bloggers, it seems to me fall into an infinite number of catagories but here is my simple list.
  • the show off's
  • the passionate
  • the desperado's
  • the creatives
  • the weird hobbyists
  • the intellectuals

When I figured this out, I realised that I fell into each and every catagory and if I was going to 'put my free blog where my mouth was' then I was going to have to offer up my lily white neck to the axeman. I took the plunge and I can honestly say that my small but rapidly growing blogging family have been more than supportive to my weird witterings and the gabbled comments that I leave littered around the blogosphere.

I have recently read some very beautiful and profound work (around the blogs) taken from people who are, at present, blogless. Please, please, it doesn't hurt, expose that neck....the axeman is a myth!!


Lee said...

I may not fit all of those categories, but certainly a good number of them. And I've put my neck on the blog by posting some of my irreal short stories!

Maxine Clarke said...

I couldn't agree more. I have found blogging and bloggers to be wonderful since taking the plunge late last year.
I've droned on a bit about it on Petrona: here's one example (a rather sentimental one for me, but what the hell!)
The company of bloggers is a great company -- and what amazed me was how quickly one could find a few like-minded people with common interests...and so sympathetic!

pundy said...

Hm, Minx, interesting categorisation. Okay, you've got me. Which category do I fall into please? (I see you don't yet have suicidal, drunk or idiotic - so please place me into one of the existing categories)

Unknown said...,no Pundy, pointy stick coming!

Unknown said...

Maxine, you're a sweetie, 'place and community' is beautifully written and far more eloquent than my garbled message.

And Mr LLL,
thanks for popping in, nice to see that you are luring the young people to my genre, I'll be waiting for them when they come of age!!!

pundy said...

Oh dear, I'm beginning to dread the pointy stick.