Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogology - an indepth study of the blogger and their habits

The Blog - a personal log enabling complete personality transformation

Blogger - an infernal chatterbox (verbal dysentry syndrome)

Blogging - boasting about one's Blog (usually associated with NBBM below)

Bloglet - a small Blog for those with short attention span

Blognostic - site metre obsession

No-Billy-Blog-Mates - empty site metre

Blogeur - a Blogless saddo who reads other minds

Blog-anony-coms - a Blogeur who is too ashamed to leave a name in the comments box

Blogist - an eloquent Blogger

Blogitis - inability to stop Blogging (see a doctor)

Bloggart - 'my blog's bigger than yours'

Bloglust - also known as Blog Envy

Doubleblog - a show-off who runs two (or more) Blogs at once

Blogery - theft (sometimes known as 'Blog This')

Blogot - 'you couldn't blog if you tried'

Blogspot - Blog acne (teenage Blogs only)

Blog brothers - male Blog bonding

Blog Sisters - a little piece of heaven!

Did I miss any?


Cheryl said...

Blogographer-Someone who's blog is full of photos.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a doubleblog and proud of it too!

How about blogalot? Those who blog several times a day.

Evan said...

I had a nasty little response in my blog today. A long thing about "CODES" and the "BIBLE" (the caps were included).

Thanks for something to call them: Blog-anony-coms

Which means I am going to commit Blogery. Just so you know :).

Great list!

How about Blog-Rider -- someone who makes a single comment in their blog and links to yours.


skint writer said...

How about totally Blogged-off. Can't post or login to Blogger this morning. Is it me, or ???