Monday, March 20, 2006


After very little thought I am here. Not sure why, think there must have been an inner poke with a short pointy stick somewhere along the line.
I was just minding my own business when the words popped out of the page I wasn't reading. Do something new today - so I did.
The whole world is blogging apparently and has been for aeons, so where was I?
Unfortunately I was on the other side of the universe reading the likes of Miss Snark and Moorishgirl with the avid interest of a non-blogger. Now I realise that I can do it for myself and will, be doing it for myself, help!
Will I be interested in the thoughts of myself? Will it be a place to let the 'Inner Minx' out or will the oh-so-natural 'Outer Prat' take over and spoil everything. Who knows, who cares.
I will post my randomly liberating thoughts as they come and hopefully a few of them will help me to live in the cosmos more comfortably.


Anonymous said...

Welcome, blithe spirit. Paint the world rose.

Unknown said...

That particular palette would be a perfect 'design for living' but unfortunately there are very few who would see this world through my roseate eyes. One can but dream, annonymous friend, of a world changed by the spirit of colour!