Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Artistic Way of the Minx

I'm all for a twelve step programme, makes me sound as if I'm trying to get rid of something that I didn't necessarily have in the beginning. I bought Julia Cameron's 'The Artist Way' sometime back but with one thing and another I haven't got around to having a good poke around inside (lazy tart - Minx).
Nice cover art but at first glance I thought that I had made a huge mistake. The contents page offered me - Your enemy within, Poisonous playmates, The Virture Trap - words that sent me scuttling for a large bar of chocolate and the latest Terry Pratchett. Eventually I could not ignore the fact that I had spent money on something that was supposed to part of my writing process, so I entered the very enthusiastic world of Ms Cameron and her twelve 'spiritually electric' steps to making me a better writer,
JC is obviously mad, she has me up at six in morning to write my 'Morning Pages' - only she hasn't for the last week because that asshole didn't call back and we're still sans boiler.
Old Mexico asphixiated himself in his own coke fumes and died quietly one night sending us into some sort of micro ice age. To cold to write, too cold to live, and we're all huddled around the emergency heater that wouldn't penetrate a piece of paper!
Still got me out of the un-Godly six o'clock thing, so if that asshole calls.....

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